From a global point of view, there are already multiple organizations with a regular (annual) agenda of collective cleaning of the village. We Nevertheless observe a lack of consciousness in the daily routine of the villagers.

We aim at touching the soul of each and everyone in their everyday life. Starting from the grass root level, we aim at educating the younger ones at the local primary school, thus ensuring a sustainable education. Proposing a mode of basic selective sorting and developing the creativity of the children, it will be a great incentive for the young to use selective bins when they will see their creation everywhere. From there, will germinate the ownership of the children towards the village.

In this optic, we will propose some spots throughout Grand Gaube for installing such system:

  • Primary school Jean Eon
  • The village hall
  • Sin Fat
  • The parking space found at the public beach
  • The church
  • The public beach found at the end of Nelson road