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The Foundation

The Global Creative Leadership Initiative was set up by Gaetan Siew with the goal to help the society through Architectural and Urban interventions. The works of the foundation is focused on directly helping communities in Small Island Nations and African countries with the belief of community empowering. The foundation dwells in projects that can be built by local communities using simple tools and strategies to help their everyday lives. The approach is backed up by his innovative financing solutions that taps into the Corporate Social Responsibility of companies in neighboring regions.

The foundation looks into projects of humanitarian nature, projects that showcase true community building and provides an avenue for many professionals to directly place their skillsets towards social projects with a pro-bono nature. The other side of the foundation focusses on devising and sharing innovative urban strategies more appropriate to our modern world, tailored to current governmental limitations & economies and immediate and long term needs.

Projects Completed

“Our goal is to help shape a world where sustainability and social equity rythm with economy. Our team is driven by a sincere passion to create change.”

The managing body

Expertise built from experience
Pascal Levieux

Pascal Levieux

Board Member

Arif Currimjee

Arif Currimjee

Board Member

Raj Ringadoo

Raj Ringadoo

Board Member


Engaging in multi and trans-disciplinary measures to find innovative solutions for contemporary problems


Supporting the dissemination of knowledge in remote communities around the world


Engaging in approaches that support community building, independency and stability

Public Policy

Driving sustainable policies with change making capacities at a local and global level

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